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Inspired by Litter Picking

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I have autism and I've always been passionate about art and design (especially creating logos) and walking and being around nature.

On my walks I would pick up as much litter as I could. My son would come along too - he also has autism. So I decided to create a logo to help the problem.

My inspiration was the original Keep Britain Tidy logo. I just wanted to make a simple design like that one but having the words included in the logo. I created it way back in 2007. It was used in my son’s school for a while and it worked great. He left school some years back so it's just been making dust so I just thought of getting it out there to maybe help make a bit of a difference.

For the things that us humans buy and consume it is only right that we take responsibility to dispose of it properly for our environment and nature to bloom.

Stephen Whitmore

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