President & Patrons

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HRH The Duchess of Cornwall (President)

A message from Her Royal Highness :

“Litter is an affliction of our society that causes all kinds of problems. It is not only that it ruins the look of many a street or village, but its negative effects reach much deeper. Litter causes these areas to look uncared for and, even worse, causes their inhabitants to feel neglected and unsafe. As the President of CleanupUK I wholeheartedly applaud the work it is doing, not only by encouraging everyone to wage war on litter, but also by helping those residents in the less affluent areas of the United Kingdom to get together to clean up their neighbourhoods, and so improve their quality of life.

I urge you to join me in supporting CleanupUK with the hope that we can all make our country litter free in the future.”

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Peter Hall (Patron) is Executive Chairman of Hunter Hall International Limited, one of the world’s largest ethical investment managers.

Peter is also Deputy Chairman of Prospect Publishing, a Director of the International Rhino Foundation, a patron of the Asian Rhino Project, a member of the Sydney Film Festival Council and a trustee of the Bedales Grants Trust Fund and of Action for Brazil’s Children Trust, a UK-based charity.

Peter’s interest in tackling the problem of litter stems from his horror at the disrespect that many people in our society show for themselves and our world by littering. He is particularly inspired by the example of Clean Up Australia Day, a day when hundreds of thousands of Australians get stuck in and clean up their local environment by collecting and removing rubbish on one of the cleanup days. He is horrified by litter and rubbish in the countryside. If he was able to wave a magic wand, he would employ many more people to pick up litter, include it as a sentencing option for minor crime and impose heavy fines and litter duty on people who litter, particularly cigarette butts and chewing gum.

Peter was made a member of the Order of Australia in 2010 for his philanthropic contributions to society and his service to the finance management industry.

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Martyn Hedley (Patron) spent his working life in the City of London at Willis, a leading global insurance broker, achieving the position of Chairman in their Aviation Division.

Since his retirement in 2003 he spends much of his time in Cornwall. Martyn and his wife Amanda have helped organise fundraising activities for local charities including the Precious Lives Appeal and the Merlin Project, which raised over £50,000 from a 32-mile sponsored walk for Multiple Sclerosis.

Martyn is also actively involved as a Director of the Livery Companies’ Mutual – the mutual looks after the livery companies in the City of London. Martyn had the honour of being made Master of the Worshipful Company of Grocers in 2005 and is also the Chair of the Willis Pensioners’ Association.

If he gets any spare time his interests include the arts, local food and produce, vintage wines, classical music, playing golf and foreign travel.
His house in Cornwall overlooks Constantine Bay and he is horrified by the amount of waste, some marine but sadly mostly tourist–inflicted, accumulating on the beach. This has acted as a spur to his litter-collecting experience to improve the environment. He always carries a carrier bag on walks to collect rubbish.

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Rev Canon Roger Royle (Patron) writes : From an early age two things were made clear to me by my mother. I was to stand up on a bus and let someone older sit down. I was not to drop litter and if I saw litter I was to pick it up.

Times have changed. Now I am very grateful to those people who stand up for me so that I can sit down on the bus or the tube. But I am still as vigilant about litter. That is why I am both pleased and honoured to be associated with CleanupUK. As a charity it focusses on bringing out the good side of litter by bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds who take a pride in where they live. They want to see it looking good. So, armed with pick up sticks and black plastic bags, they gather in groups to make their borough brighter as they do their bit to CleanupUK.

I was born in Cardiff in 1939. My father who was the vicar of an inner city parish died when I was one year old and so I was brought up by my mother and my older brother. But I followed in his footsteps and was ordained into the Church of England. I have served the church as a parish priest, a hospital and a school chaplain, a broadcaster and a columnist. Now I am retired, whatever that may mean !

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Lorraine Chase (Patron) was brought up in Lewisham, south-east London. After working as a model, she shot to fame with her appearance in the 1970s “Luton airport” Campari advert. She then embarked on an acting career spanning 40 years in which she has appeared in numerous television dramas and comedies. They include two of her own sit-coms, The Other Arf and Lame Ducks, the delightful Dolly Clothespeg in Worzel Gummidge and Stephanie Stokes in Emmerdale as well as numerous appearances in the West End.

Lorraine believes very strongly that our surroundings are very important to our mental wellbeing and to the way we look at and react to the world and people around us. We all want to live in a clean and kindly environment and it is in our power to do so. “Clean your area. Don’t be the one that drops the litter in the first place”, she says.

“Look out for your neighbours. I’m a very private person as is the lovely elderly lady who lives next door. But when my path needs the leaves or the snow cleared l do mine and then I do hers. If her bins are left out, l put them back in their place. It cost nothing but my goodness it makes you feel good about yourself and others. And smile !”.

Lorraine joined CleanupUK on a litter pick one winter’s evening in Stepney and what she liked about it was that it was fun to meet up – some people knew each other and some didn’t – and when the litter-picking sticks were handed out it felt empowering rather than the usual tut-tutting about the litter in the vicinity. And she liked the social aspect afterwards when we retired to the local pub and we talked to people to see how they could become involved.

“If you make your surroundings clean, then everyone benefits.” Lorraine is delighted to be helping CleanupUK use litter-picking as a means of making communities safer and stronger.

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Kami Lamakan (Patron) was born in downtown Tehran but brought up in suburban Torquay. Although his formal education was in business, he says he learnt most of what he knows about the human condition at the theatre or on the cricket pitch. Now living in Bristol with his wife and two young children, his life continues to be one of contrasts and variety.

His work now connects the worlds of academia, the arts, civil society and global corporations. He accompanies organisations and communities as they create the conditions where people understand each other and have a shared sense of purpose. He does this by helping them focus their energy and creativity not on fighting the existing situation by building a new one.

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Mick May (Patron) has spent over 2½ decades working in the charitable world, as a trustee, an executive, a chair and a patron.

In 2003 following a 20 years working in the financial markets he took up full time employment in the voluntary sector as Executive Director of a Groundwork Trust, of which he remains a trustee to this day. In 2005, he established Blue Sky, often described as “the only company in the country where you need a criminal record to work there”. This wins commercial business in the nation’s supply chains which it delivers by teams made up wholly of ex-offenders; over the subsequent decade it has employed more than 1,200 individuals. In February 2013 he stepped down to pursue a range of trustee and chairing roles.

With a background in local government procurement and a keen appreciation of how an improved environment can make life better for everybody, Mick feels he has much to offer CleanupUK. He was a CleanupUK trustee from 2015 to 2017.

Mick was appointed OBE in the 2016 New Year’s Honours.