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Phil Beddoes (Chair of the Trustees) is a Chartered Environmental Health Officer who has recently retired as Head of Environmental Services at Tonbridge and Malling Council, Kent. His particular environmental concern is that of litter on roads and public spaces and it is therefore not surprising to hear that he is often seen with sack and litter picker in hand wandering the areas where he lives.

Phil has worked with the Local Government Association as an adviser on litter and local environmental quality issues and was co-opted to work with Defra when environmental legislation was being reviewed.

He has supported many community groups whilst working in local government and recognises the synergy that comes from local people working together to improve where they live and play.

Phil has been a volunteer for a number of other organisations including Samaritans and Crisis.

As the son of a farmer, Phil has from an early age seen the damage that can be done by litter in the environment and how it can badly affect areas of beauty. He also sees that litter on our streets, the living rooms of our communities, says a lot about who we are. An opportunity to help communities deal with litter in their areas in the way they want to do it is the reason why Phil has wanted to be a trustee for CleanupUK.


Dee Bingham (Trustee) previously worked at Keep Britain Tidy for 22 years and brings a range of experience, with a special interest in the law and legal issues relating to litter. Amongst her roles she ran the charity’s Information Service, managed the Tidy Britain All Party Parliamentary Group and co-ordinated the organisation’s governance.

Dee is a core member of the Defra Civil Society Partnership Network. She’s also involved in volunteer activities closer to home including her local Woodlands Conservation Action Group and litter picks organised by the Local Authority Rangers Team. As a Green Flag Assessor for the Eco-Schools Programme she sees the importance of teaching about the environment from an early age, especially about not littering.

After many years of litter-picking and campaigning, Dee is more optimistic than ever that we can tackle the litter problem. Social networking has made it so much easier to set up a local group, organise clean-ups, keep in touch with supporters and get anti-litter messages across. Websites are available to post news about litter-picks and pictures of events. All of which spreads the word that littering is not acceptable and, furthermore, that thousands of volunteers are working hard to look after the places they love.

Having supported CleanupUK since its early days, Dee sees the organisation as a leader in bringing people together to tackle litter – and fostering good community relations in the process.

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Anastasia Bloom (Trustee) has spent most of her career in international banking focusing on business development in emerging markets. Her job has taken her to far flung corners of the Earth – the US, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Russia, where she has had an extensive exposure to local cultures and practices. Anastasia benefits from breadth of experience having dealt with governments, regulators, large corporations, small enterprises and start-ups. Her current focus is on the wealth management sector and capital introduction with ethical investments playing a big part in her work. Anastasia is passionate about improving living standards. She is on the Board of Trustees of Homes for Haringey where she sits on the risk and audit committee and is closely involved with the borough’s housing supply program. Anastasia is passionate about art and theatre. She lives with her family in North London.

Anastasia wholeheartedly supports CleanupUK’s mission of strengthening communities through litter picking activities. Unfortunately there is a common preconception that poorer areas are less clean and tidy. There isn’t any reason why it should be this way and, by creating a force from within, CleanupUK achieves results that pure enforcement cannot achieve.

We live in an ever more consumerist society with litter being an ugly product of a buy-use-discard mentality. Tackling litter issues goes to the heart of how we live – it is about loving and caring for your neighbourhood, having consideration for others around you and generations that will come after us.


Jane Garrett (Trustee) was appointed to the Board of Trustees in May 2017. Jane was previously CEO of CL:AIRE and led the launch of an authoritative definition of waste for use by the development industry. The result was a widely accepted Code of Practice for movement of soils which was internationally acclaimed and which has delivered substantial cost savings to the development sector. As a farmer’s daughter and a zoology graduate she has always been interested in sustainability and the environment. She worked as CEO of Brogdale Horticultural Trust for ten years and subsequently joined the Board of Covent Garden Market Authority, at a time when it was defining a strategy that would lead to a positive future, through embracing an innovative development package for the 60 acre inner London site. She has had a successful and entrepreneurial career, operating in the commercial, charitable and political sectors. She has been a trustee of The Land Trust since 2010, when the organization was established as an independent charity.


Mike Walsh (Trustee) had an international working career, including 27 years working in Saudi Arabia, that brought wide and successful business experience. He was Chairman for 3 years of Riyadh Group of British Businessmen, who try to promote the growth of trade in goods and services between Britain and Saudi Arabia. In 2017 Mike retired to France and brought life and character back to a large farm property.

When there he was impressed by the work of CSF ( and the way they give support for English-speaking people touched by cancer in France. Leading the local independent association, he gave significant time and effort to help those in need in his area of France.

Fortunate to have made contact with George Monck in the eighties and having watched in recent times the determination and success of CleanupUK, he sees it as a way to express his interest in helping those who live in poor inner city areas to help themselves and their communities to grow in confidence and thereby establish a better place.

Mike also knows that litter does not only happen in inner cities.

Plastic waste blows across the deserts of Arabia and the hedgerows of Oxfordshire’s roads harbour so much litter and debris. Now in an England with an over emphasis on self interest and lack of care in their communities, he is committed to achieve as much as possible to have a clean Home Front.


Astrid Kjellberg-Obst (Trustee) was appointed as Trustee in June 2018. Born and educated in Belgium, and with two master degrees to her name, Astrid has over 18 years’ housing management experience including senior roles at Sanctuary Housing Group. Since 2010 Astrid has run her own consultancy working with housing providers and businesses in the care industry before becoming Executive Director of Operations at Homes for Haringey in March 2013.

With responsibility for over 320 staff, Astrid has a track record in delivering improved services based on customer and community insight, optimising resources and engineering a culture shift to customer and community focus. Relevant aspects of experience include:
• Robust estates and tenancy management to tackle issues and improve further the appearance of local neighbourhoods and their reputation, where residents feel safe and have pride in their neighbourhood
• Developing and embedding a more effective engagement approach with all residents
• The development of resilient neighbourhoods in collaboration with stakeholders and partner agencies
• A strong culture of outcome focus, performance management and robust quality assurance
• A positive and wide ranging network of contacts across the housing sector in and beyond the UK
• Understanding and experience in governance and strong corporate framework to support a well-run organisation

Astrid is passionate about developing local communities to nurture respect of local neighbourhoods, its people and environment.


Living in the countryside, Henrietta Chubb (Trustee) is only too aware of the damaging impact litter has on the environment and wildlife there and the dispiriting effect litter has on one’s surroundings. She believes littering is a reflection on how people feel about themselves, the area they choose to litter and their community. Supporting communities to clean up their area has such a hugely positive affect on the whole community. It provides an opportunity for a positive outlook and encourages people to look after it for future generations.

Henrietta has had a varied career working in shareholder and investor relations and the Company Secretariat following the privatisation of the electricity boards and then working in the pet food industry doing biochemistry, management and public relations. She has a BSc (hons) in Applied Consumer Science and an MSc in Conservation Sciences. Henrietta has also had experience in running a farming business.

Henrietta is currently a Trustee at the stunning Harlaxton College, Grantham, that is the centre for the “study abroad programme” for the University of Evansville and its partner colleges and she chairs their Advisory Council. She is also a magistrate, chairs her Parish Council and is a fundraiser for Rainbows Children’s Hospice, Loughborough as well as other causes.

Henrietta became involved with CleanupUK through The Grocers’ Company. She is one of the first women elected to the Court of The Grocers’ Company.


Harry Machin (Trustee) is a life member of Friends of the Earth and likes their slogan ‘Think globally, act locally’. He lives in Peterborough, where he co-ordinates a ‘RiverCare’ group that looks after the environment of a section of the River Nene and keeps the surrounding area clear of litter. He is also building links with the Council and voluntary groups to promote a cleaner, more litter-free environment across the whole city. He is a keen user of CleanupUK’s LitterAction website, which is a valuable networking tool and resource for groups and individuals across the UK.

Harry has an MA in Politics and Economics and is a qualified chartered accountant. He worked in financial roles before starting his own consultancy in the 1990s. In this capacity he gained broad experience of managing projects, analysing finances and data and advising clients across the commercial, government and voluntary sectors. He has enjoyed working on aid-funded projects in India, Africa, South America and Eastern European countries, which provide a wider context to any problems that we face in the UK.

For several years he was a general adviser at his local Citizens Advice Bureau, where he recently became a Trustee.