CleanupUK is a charity dedicated to tackling the UK's litter problem and thereby helping to strengthen communities by helping and encouraging volunteer groups and individuals who collect litter. If you are a member of an existing litter group, if you are forming a new group or if you are an individual who tackles litter in your community, we are here to help you.

Our work on the ground focuses on helping those who are most in need, usually in areas of deprivation, to combat the litter problem where they are. Through doing this work, we sense that people feel their communities are safer, more welcoming and friendlier as a result of our intervention. The main way that we can help you online is via the website that we have set up in conjunction with the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE). You will find all that you need on the website to help you run your litter group more easily, start a new group or join a group near to where you live. There is also plenty of help for you if you pick up litter on your own.

Please help us to tackle litter and to "Pick up the past - Protect the future" !