Important:   Litter can be contaminated, so we have put together some information to help you handle it safely. Please click on this link to have a read through our Health and Safety Guidance before you go out litter-picking.


Autumn Clean-Up

38 Wheatfield Road,,Cronton,Widnes,WA8 5BU

06 Nov 2015


Our Autumn Clean-Up will take place on Friday 6th November 2015. Meet at Holy Family car park at 10 a.m. All equipment will be provided. Any help will be welcome. Thank you to the eight volunteers who joined together for the village clean-up on Friday 6th November. In all, 30 bags of litter were collected and we're sure you will agree the village looked very tidy afterwards. Thanks also are due to Knowsley MBC Neighbourhood Services team for removing the bags promptly after the litter-pick..

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Cronton Spring Clean Up

Meet at Holy Family Car Park 10am on 22nd March 2019 to help clear the litter from the village pathways. All equipment will be provided. We arranged this clean-up to coincide with the national Keep ...

Cronton Autumn Clean Up

Meet at Holy Family Car Park on Friday 16th November 2018 to help clear the litter that has built up in the village. All equipment will be provided. Five volunteers cleared litter on Friday 16th Novem...

Cronton Spring Clean-Up

As we had to postpone our original Spring Clean due to the 'Beast from the East' bringing snow and wintry winds we have set a new date of 23rd March. We will meet at Holy Family Club car park at 10 am...

Autumn Clean-Up

Cronton Pathways will be joining together to do a clean-up of Cronton ahead of Remembrance Sunday. All help will be really appreciated. Meet on Holy Family car park at 10 a.m. All equipment is provide...

Cronton Pathways Walks for Health Spring Programme 2017

If you feel like a short walk of up to 30 minutes or a longer one up to 90 minutes come and join us any Tuesday in term time at Holy Family Club. We meet at 1pm and return for a cuppa and chat after t...

Cronton Spring Clean

We are signed up to be part of the Keep Britain Tidy Great British Spring Clean Weekend 3rd to 5th March 2017. We hold two clean-ups per year and are joined by volunteers from the area to clear the p...

Autumn Clean Up

Cronton Pathways Project welcome any helpers to join us in our Autumn Clean Up on Friday 4th November 2016. Meet at Holy Family car park at 10am. All equipment and bags will be provided. We were reall...

Walks for Health - January 2016

The Spring programme of walks for health begins on Tuesday 12th January and ends on Tuesday 15th March. Please note the routes may change or be amended to cater for bad walking conditions. These decis...

Clean for the Queen

Join us for a litter-pick of Cronton grot-spots as part of the national 'Clean for the Queen' initiative. We will meet at Holy Family car park at 10 a.m. All equipment will be provided. Unfortunately ...

Walks for Health Autumn Programme

Cronton Pathways Walks for Health programme for Autumn 2015 is now available. All are welcome to join us for a choice of local walks every Tuesday at 1pm starting from Holy Family Club. See attached p...

Walks for Health

Cronton Pathways Walks for Health is now a National Walking for Health accredited walks scheme. All are welcome to join us for a choice of local walks every Tuesday at 1pm starting from Holy Family Cl...

Spring Clean-Up

Please come and join us on our annual Spring-clean of Cronton's pathways. Meet at Holy Family car park at 10 am, Friday 27th March. All equipment needed will be provided. Everyone welcome. The more th...

Autumn Walks Programme

Cronton Pathways Walks for Health take place weekly on term-time Tuesdays. We meet at Holy Family Club for a 1pm start and offer at least two health walks per week. The shorter walk lasts half an hour...

Autumn Clean-Up

Come and help keep Cronton tidy on our Autumn Litter-Pick. Meet at Holy Family car park on Friday, 7th November 2014 for a 10 a.m. start. Bags, gloves and litter-pickers will be provided. Many thanks ...

Cronton Pathways Walks for Health Summer Programme 2014

All are welcome to join us for a choice of local walks every Tuesday at 1pm starting from Holy Family Club. See attached programme for routes and distances.

Health Walks Spring Programme

Spring Clean-Up

Cronton Pathways have arranged for the annual Spring Clean-Up on Friday 14th March. We will meet at Holy Family car park at 10 am, where litter-pickers, gloves and bags will be provided. All volunteer...

Pex Hill Clean-Up

Pex Hill Clean-Up beginning at the Visitor Centre 10am Saturday 8th February 2014. Pickers, gloves and bags will be provided. Twelve drama students from Cronton 6th Form College together with their t...

Health Walks - Autumn Programme

Our programme of walks for Autumn 2013 includes weekly Walks for Health, a four-week course of Nordic walking, Boccia, Chair-based exercise classes and some members are trying out a Knowsley-led Healt...

Autumn Clean-Up

Please meet at Holy Family car park at 10am to litter-pick the hot-spots in the village. Litter-pickers, gloves and bags are all provided. All help most welcome. A small band of 6 gathered to do our a...

Walks for Health

The summer programme of Cronton Pathways Walks for Health begins on Tuesday 16th April, 2013. Join us for a 1.00pm start at Holy Family Club, Hall Lane. Please dress suitably for the weather condition...

Cronton Health Walks

The Spring programme of Health Walks begins on Tuesday 15th January 2013. Meet as usual at Holy Family Club for a 1pm start. Please come dressed for the weather and underfoot conditions. Join us after...


Cronton Pathways now have their own Boccia set for weekly use. If you're not up to the walks come and try your hand at Boccia. It's a game of indoor bowls played from a sitting position. Running at th...

Chair-based exercise

Cronton Pathways have arranged for ten sessions of chair-based exercise to begin on Monday 14th January 2013 at Holy Family Club from 12.15 to 1.15pm, led by a trained teacher, provided by Rebound Da...

Cronton Spring Clean-Up

Volunteers are welcome to join us to litter-pick Sandy Lane and Tue Lane. Meet at Holy Family car park at 10 a.m where litter-pickers, gloves and bags will be available. I don't know if you would call...

Cronton Health Walks

The Autumn programme of walks begins on Tuesday 11th September. Meet at Holy Family Club at 1.00pm every Tuesday, except Half Term. Walks are followed by a cuppa and a chat and finish by 3.00pm. Begi...

Autumn Clean-Up

Cronton Pathways will be litter-picking the Pex Hill area on Friday 9th November 2012. Meet at Holy Family Club car park at 10.00a.m. where gloves, bags and litter-pickers will all be available for vo...

Cronton Health Walks

Cronton Pathways will begin a new series of Health Walks on Tuesday, 17th April. Meet at Holy Family Club at 1pm for the first of this term's walks. After the walk join us for a cuppa, a biscuit and ...

Cronton Health Walks

Cronton Pathways will begin a new series of Health Walks on Tuesday, 7th February. Meet at Holy Family Club at 1pm for the first of this year's walks. After the walk join us for a cuppa, a biscuit and...

Cronton Spring Clean

Cronton Pathways will be continuing the clean-up of Cronton Road on Friday 23rd March 2012. Meet at the Unicorn Inn car park at 10a.m. where gloves, bags and litter-pickers will all be available for v...

Pex Hill Quarry Drama

Students from Cronton 6th Form College present drama pieces based around the myths of Meg Pusey, The Devil's Chair and the pixie sightings around the area of Pex Hill. All welcome at 4.30pm on Wednesd...

Quarry Litter Pick

Cronton 6th Form College students are joining with Cronton Pathways and BTCV to clear the Quarry of litter in preparation for a drama production they are due to perform there. The students' pieces are...

Cronton Pathways Members' Meeting

Cronton Pathways members will be meeting on Monday 16th January at 4pm at the Parish Council office on Hampton Drive, Cronton. The agenda will include planning of the Spring Clean-Up event and the nex...

Cronton Health Walks

Starting on Tuesday 20th September, Cronton Pathways are running the next series of walks around the area in conjunction with Knowsley Health Development Team. Meet at Holy Family Club on Hall Lane at...

Cronton Clean-Up Days

Our next two-day clean-up will be on Friday 11th November 2011 and Saturday 12th November 2011. All volunteers welcome to meet at 10 a.m. on Holy Family car park. Litter-pickers, gloves and bags will ...

Cronton Pathways Members' Meeting

Meet at 6p.m. at Holy Family Club, Hall Lane Cronton. Agenda is mainly to discuss the coming Cronton Clean-Up Days. All welcome.

Volunteer Walk Leader Training

Cronton Pathways have 5 more volunteers training to lead the very successful health walks begun earlier this year. The training session will take place at Cronton Parish Council office on Hampton Driv...

Installation of community notice boards

Cronton Pathways volunteers will be joining with Groundwork Mersyside to instal two new community notice boards. One is to be sited at the start of Sandy Lane and the other is to replace the old ruste...

Cronton Health Walks

Starting on Tuesday 14th June, Cronton Pathways are running a series of four walks around the area in conjunction with Knowsley Health Development Team. Meet at Holy Family Club on Hall Lane at 1.p.m....

Sandy Lane Ditch Clearing

In partnership with Groundwork Merseyside, Cronton Pathways will be doing a final clearing of old fly-tipped rubbish from the ditches along Sandy Lane. Volunteers most welcome. Refreshments and equipm...

Cronton Pathways Members' Meeting

Meet at Holy Family Club at 6 p.m.

Cronton Clean-Up Days

Thursday14th, Friday 25th and Saturday 27th March 2011 meet at Holy Family car park at 10.a.m. Volunteers most welcome. Litter-pickers, gloves and bags provided. The Cronton Spring Clean this year too...

Pex Hill Avenue Litter-Pick

Cronton Pathways members to join residents of Pex Hill Avenue at 10.30 for litter-pick of the roadside. At the request of resident Edith Clark (one of our regular volunteers on Clean-Up days) a small ...

Cronton Clean-Up Days

The next major clean-up event to be organised by the Cronton Pathways Project will take place over two days in November when the vegetation starts to die back revealing litter that has been 'hidden' d...

Pex Hill Avenue Litter-Pick

Group litter pick of Pex Hill from 11 a.m. At Cronton Pathways Members' meetings we organise area walks to check out the need for litter-picking. Pex Hill Avenue was an obvious choice as a starting pl...

Cronton Clean-Up

Cronton Pathways Project has organised an area clean-up day in conjunction with The Highways Agency, The Environment Agency, BTCV and local volunteers. All welcome. Meet at Holy Family Car Park 10.30....

BTCV Big Tidy Up

British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV) to clear Pex Hill area of litter. Meet at the Visitor Centre at 10.30 a.m. Today British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV) joined with local res...

Nearby Groups

These groups are near to you in case you want to contact them for advice, to offer them support or, for example, to share equipment with them.

Woodley Adopt a Street Project WASP
A voluntary community group whose aims are that local people adopt an area and help to keep it tidy
10 years
BeKind - Rapport
7 months
Keep It Clean, Watford
A potential group for pickers in Watford, not yet formed!
1 years
Pilsley Litter Heroes
We\'re picking up the litter around Pilsley, Lower Pilsley etc!
19 months
Leadenham Litterpickers
Small Lincolnshire Village adjacent to two A class roads.
19 months
The Rudloe Mob
We are not really a group! We are a loose alliance! We started as dog walkers and photographers back in the 70s. I would be walking with our hound and stop to take a picture only to find that foreground rubbish had to be removed. This led to always taking bags for rubbish whenever I went out. For larger items (fly-tips etc) I would move them to a suitable roadside location and call the council who were (and are) very obliging. My “comrades” would do the same. This has been going on ever since (our last dog departed some years ago but the walking and photography continue).

My current (well actually for many years) “bete noire” is bagged dog crap. Twas quite funny, some years ago we had a serial crap flinger - it was everywhere: undergrowth, behind walls, brambles, trees etc. So, one weekend we decided to have a blitz on the stuff. We found about 250 bags in the undergrowth along Leafy Lane, over 100 in one location behind a dry stone wall and so on - a total of around 700 bags altogether. I was walking down my road with a bin bag of bagged dog crap over each shoulder when a neighbour stopped me and asked what I had in the bags! Since that time he and his wife have been inveterate litter pickers. The bagged dog crap problem continues. I have picked up about 30 in various locations over the past couple of weeks (this statement will be approximately true whenever you are reading this!). I used to think that this was just one halfwit on the loose, but it appears that this extraordinary behaviour is common practice. I believe (and I have written to Wilts CC about this) that the socially-acceptable practice of bagging dog crap, binning it and dumping it into landfill is an aberration. We have programmes on TV where ologists of various kinds look at ancient middens to find out how people lived. What will future ologists think of our society?

“Look - they used to wrap up their dog crap and bury it - how weird!”

Talking of weird, an odd incident occurred during my 23 Jan 2012 pick-up. I had a good bin-bag full of rubbish which I was attempting to stuff into the waste bin at Northleaze Mobile Home Park when one of a posse of locals shouted over “Oi - what do you think you’re doing?”. A small exchange ensued during which I explained that this was at least a weekly occurrence and I was tidying-up THEIR environment. But they were having none of it - “You can’t do that”, one said. I should say that this lady did offer to put the rubbish in her own bin but by this time the bin-bag was ripped and taking it out again would have seen the rubbish spilled on the ground. Anyway, their objection seemed to be one of possession - it was their bin! This would be fair enough if the bin was ever used but every time I deposit rubbish in that bin, it is empty (as it was on this occasion). It seems that they want theoretical of the bin without ever using it! Anyway my bin-bag was stuffed into the bin; the bin was emptied by the council the next morning and I stuffed a further bag of rubbish into it later that day. It is odd that no account is taken of rubbish lying in the street but clearance of that same rubbish invokes local disapproval!

Another anecdote - for many years, on Sunday mornings when out walking the dog, I would find an empty bottle of South African white wine (always South African) and an empty (70cl) bottle of vodka tightly knotted into a Tescos plastic bag in the lay-by in White Ennox Lane. What a wild time they must have had and what an interesting drive home.

The bizarre things you find when out collecting rubbish! Today, 25 Nov 2012, it was the “Bath & Wells Diocesan News”, No 264, December 1980 (see pic)! This was by the bus stop at the top of Box Hill. I can imagine the Bishop of Bath & Wells waiting for the bus in his vestments with his mitre and crosier (or is that Catholic bishops?) and unfortunately dropping his News on boarding the bus. One of the News items was the 1980 General Synod at which a major issue would be the ordination of women! Now, thirty-two years on, the Synod has been voting on women bishops. What a slow-moving organisation the C of E is!

By the way, the 20,000 or so bags picked up is an estimate, but probably a conservative one. My weekly pick-up is about 8 bags - 8x52x32(years) is about 13,000. I am, no doubt, doing a great disservice to the rest of the Mob in estimating their input as only 7,000 bags - watch out for the update.

The following table started in 2012, which I will try to update regularly, gives an idea of the scale of the ‘problem’.

1 Jan 2012: B3109, Skynet Drive, field edge 4+bags+mattress - called Wilts CC
2 Jan 2012: Leafy Lane, woods and playing fields, 5 bags
3 Jan 2012: Boxfields Road, Box Hill Common 3 bags+ fly tip - called Wilts CC
4 Jan 2012: Quarry Hill, 3 bags + bagged dog crap (BDC)
5 Jan 2012: B3109, A4 to Hare & Hounds 5 bags+ BDC (7 bags)
6 Jan 2012: Leafy Lane & A4 towards Corsham, 5 bags
7 Jan 2012: B3109, Skynet Drive, Park Lane, 4 bags+ BDC
8 Jan 2012: A4 towards Box, 2 bags
9 Jan 2012: B3109 & A4 towards Corsham, 4 bags
12 Jan 2012: Boxfields Road 1 bag+ small fly tip - called Wilts CC
16 Jan 2012: B3109 & A4 towards Corsham, 4 bags
17 Jan 2012: B3109, Skynet Drive, The Carriage Drive, Pound Mead, 7 bags
23 Jan 2012: B3109 & A4 towards Corsham, 3 bags + BDC
24 Jan 2012: B3109 & A4 towards Corsham, 2 bags
28 Jan 2012: Leafy Lane & B3109 from small Fiveways towards Corsham, 1 bag
7 Feb 2012: B3109 and A4 towards Corsham, 1 bag
8 Feb 2012: Leafy Lane and woodland, 2 bags
12 Feb 2012: A4 towards Box, 4 bags
13 Feb 2012: Rudloe Firs and A4 towards Corsham 10 bags (and still stuff remaining)
13 Feb 2012: (later) B3109, 2 bags
21 Feb 2012: B3109, 1 bag
23 Feb 2012: B3109, Leafy Lane, Leafy Lane Playing Fields, 14 bags

Okay, I guess you get the picture so with one month being very much like another I will discontinue the diary. This is a week-on-week, year-on-year occupation. The last pick-up listed above is instructive though - let me elaborate .. Leafy Lane Playing Fields is a 20 acre site at the south-eastern edge of the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). Its users include football clubs, cricket clubs etc but the principal user is AFC Corsham who do an outstanding job in providing opportunities for young people to play football. AFC Corsham runs 15 teams for youngsters between the ages of around 5 to 15/16. You can imagine therefore the number of youngsters provided for and the scores of parents who ferry their charges back and forth from home to ground and back. All fine BUT it appears that not one of the committee, managers and coaches, parents or others gives a hoot about the enormous piles of litter which are left to accumulate week after week. Rather than an AONB, Leafy Lane Playing Fields resembles a rubbish tip. The Rudloe Mob has an onslaught on the accumulation every couple of months or so. Of the 14 bags collected on 23rd February 2012, 10 came from the playing fields and this was just the tip of the iceberg (see photographs of some of what still remains). The state of the playing fields is, I believe, representative of the state of Britain. A 20-acre site frequented by a community of users who deposit rubbish then cheerfully wander through that same rubbish without giving it a second thought. With regard to litter, whether it is at community or national level, in general “we” couldn’t care less.

In the eighties “that cow” (as described by our local MP at the time, the 6th Earl of Kilmorey or Sir Richard Needham) appointed Richard Branson as the uncrowned king of litter - see this 2005 Guardian article on the subject - but his campaign along with all others, like the long-established Keep Britain Tidy, failed or is failing. It is not good enough to have high-profile personalities, photo-shoots and high-salaried executives with meaningless job descriptions - take a look at the job description for the £40k plus Head of Communications and Marketing at Keep Britain Tidy:

*Implementation and delivery of the five year communications strategy and annual action plan
*Enhanced reputation of Keep Britain Tidy and its sub-brands
*Senior management feel supported through provision of strategic advice and guidance
*New income streams developed, for example, from behaviour change campaigns
*Stakeholders strategically managed and influenced
*Resources managed effectively within budget to meet to customer demand
*Visible leadership to the relevant communications teams as well as across the wider organisation
*Enhanced profile of the organisation with the relevant audiences
*Public membership scheme developed and successfully implemented, when agreed

Talk about Nero fiddling while Rome burns! We are drowning in a sea of rubbish! You can see the outcome of almost 60 years of Keep Britain Tidy in the small community area covered by this Litteraction webpage. YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO GET OUT THERE AND PICK UP RUBBISH -REGULARLY!
52 years
Walking group
7 months
The Litter-Free Guiseley Campaign
Active since 2003. Our group hates the way that litter blights the environment. We understand that Council services cannot resolve the problem alone, so we put something back into our community by tackling the issue head-on. Our main aim is to keep the streets, lanes and green spaces of Guiseley, West Yorkshire, clear of litter. Occasionally, we cross over into Menston and Otley. We are looking for more active support from the residents of Guiseley. Volunteers can either adopt their own patch & work solo or team up with other volunteers. Hours totally flexible - whatever suits you. Equipment and advice are provided free of charge! We cover different parts of Guiseley and we are collecting upwards of 100 bags of litter a month. Please support us in whatever capacity you can.
19 years
Bearpark Litterpickers
Bearpark Parish Council working in partnership with local residents, local groups and Durham County Council aim to litter pick on a quarterly basis. We strive towards living in a nicer, cleaner and better looking environment and pride ourselves in taking positive action to improve OUR local area.
7 years
Coln Valley Litter Group
Our aim is to keep the roadsides free of litter so everyone can enjoy the Coln Valley.
7 years

Start a LitterAction group

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