CleanupUK is a charity that helps those who are most in need, usually in areas of deprivation, to combat the litter problem where they are. It is an activity that brings communities closer together, enables neighbours to meet each other, and create a greater sense of pride in local areas.


Our Projects

CleanupUK’s Beautiful Boroughs Project currently runs across 12 boroughs in east, north and south London. Meanwhile, we also run the Beautiful Birmingham Project across Shard End, Bordesley Green and Kingstanding.


“Litter is an affliction of our society that causes all kinds of problems. It is not only that it ruins the look of many a street or village, but its negative effects reach much deeper.”

— HRH The Duchess of cornwall, president


CleanupUK also helps anyone, wherever they live in the UK, to form a litter-picking group to strengthen their community. We achieve this via the Litter Action website that we have set up in conjunction with the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE). You will find all that you need on there to help you start a new group, run your existing group more easily, or join a group where you live.

Litter Action


We run two Facebook pages for each of our projects. Check them out below!

The Beautiful Boroughs Project (London)

The Beautiful Birmingham Project

Our pages

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Our Mission

Across the UK, there are many communities that are fractured, deprived and lacking in much sense of local pride. Our mission is to bring about stronger, safer, and more integrated local areas by involving people in litter-picking activity.


CleanupUK is the working name of Cleanup United Kingdom, a company limited by guarantee, company number 6182566, registered charity number 1120115; Registered office : Crown Chambers, Bridge Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 2LZ