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Pick and walk

Hertford,SG13 8AZ

10 Jan 2021


Leaving 34 Queens Road at 2pm for an hour working on the grass areas along the London Road. All very welcome. Call on 07979 692817 for more details. hi usual haul of cans, bottles etc but interesting rubbish found today: a complete lavatory in a hedge! Two bags today..

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hi lovely day Leaving 34 Queens Road at 2pm for an hour focussing on the London Road green spaces. It would be lovely to see you.


A wander around Hertford including Hartham Common including the river edges and along the canal. Most interesting item a shopping trolley so faded that it is impossible to be sure to which supermarket...

Pick and walk

Leaving Queens Road at 2pm covering areas up to the Mercedes Garage roundabout. For more details please email. All welcome. Amanda

Pick and walk

Leaving 34, Queens Road at 2pm to litter pick along the A414 green areas Call 07979 692817 for more details All welcome. Three bags collected green areas beginning to look a little clearer.More to d...


Ventured out along the London Road today to start to tackle the green edges and central reservations. Plenty of scope. One bag nothing particularly interesting today but surprising how many full unope...

Solo Pick

Walk around Hertford 1 bag and a bicycle wheel!


Just spent an hour or so around the A414/Balls Park/Simon Balle School areas. No interesting litter but a disappointing number of discarded masks. 1 bag today.

Pick and walk

Hi three bags picked along the London Road,around the cricket club,All Saints. There is still work to do along the road side and an overflowing bin which does not help. I will report the bin as needin...


Leaving 34 Queens Road Hertford at 2pm for an hour’s walk and litter pick. All welcome. Call on 07979 692817 for more details.


Leaving 34 Queens road for an hour's litter pick at 2pm focussing on the A414 edges from the Gascoyne Way roundabout towards Hertingfordbury. All welcome call 07979 692817 for more details. Two good...


Leaving 34 Queens Road at 2pm for an hour's local picking alongside Abel Smith School and Greencoates. All very welcome. Call 07979 692817 for more details. Enjoyed clearing the banks of the the smal...

Walk and litter pick

Leaving 34 Queens Road at 2 pm for an hour and focusing on the A414 edges. Please call 07979 692817 for more details. All very welcome. Two bags collected from area around the Gascoyne Way Roundabout...

Litter pick walk

Call 07979 692817 for details

Discussion with local councillor

I have a telephone meeting with one of our EHDC councillors tomorrow to discuss how we can better manage litter in and around Hertford.I will report back on developments.


We are leaving 34 Queens Road Hertford at 2pm on Friday for an hours litterpicking. All welcome. A couple of bags in a hour or so around County Hall and Pegs Lane.

Regular litterpick

Litter picking around All Saints Church and Hagsdell Road. Just one bag today!

Regular litterpick

Litterpick on the A414 from the Bluecoats roundabout to the Mercedes roundabout in Hertford. The quiet traffic gives the opportunity to get safely onto the central reservation. I have litter picked he...

Daily litterpick

Hi another lovely day. My plan is to use my daily walk to litter pick in the woods at the top of Queens Road near the Richard Hale sports field. A happy hunting ground for litter unfortunately my long...

Family litter picking

Path from Queens Road to Mangrove Road Litter picking with my son on the path from Queens Road to Mangrove Road. Collected on full bag.

Autumn clean up weekend

Meet at 10am at Hertford Castle Hall Theatre for two hours of litterpicking around the town and environs on Saturday morning. On Sunday afternoon we will meet at 2pm for two hours litter picking. F...

Spring in Hertford

Hi what a beautiful day I have just retuurned from a walk along the river to Ware and back collecting a bag of rubbish on the return leg.If anyone would care to join me on other such walks please con...

Nearby Groups

These groups are near to you in case you want to contact them for advice, to offer them support or, for example, to share equipment with them.

Clean Street Exmouth
Clean Street Exmouth endeavours to keep the town clean and tidy by co-opting individuals who volunteer to adopt their street or area. We supply postcards for them to deliver to neighbours which invite them to help keep their street clean on a day-by-day basis. We also supply a postcard which adopters can use to organise 1-hour street cleans involving litter and weed removal. We cooperate with the district and town council cleaning services eg: joint 1-hour cleans to recruit new adopters and to show the improvement residents can make.
2 years
Witham Wombles
We are a voluntary litter picking group in Witham, Essex, who are passionate about keeping our local area tidy and free of litter. We meet up once a month at various locations across the town and are always looking for new volunteers! We love getting the community together and have previously had amazing assistance from the Witham & District Lionesses as well as local schools and Brownies and Beavers groups. We have also been interviewed by BBC Essex and received a Community & Safety Award from Witham Neighbourhood Watch! If you believe an area should be considered for our litter pick locations, please get in touch and let us know. We are also on Facebook and Twitter @WithamWombles
5 years
Crewe Clean Team
We are local residents who are passionate about improving our environment. We achieve this through regular group litter picks, bulb planting and other related activities. We educate local youngsters in-school and encourage their participation wherever practical. 'The War on Litter - We've Got to Bin It to Win It.'
9 years
just an hour a week walking the lanes will keep our parish clean and tidy and enjoy some fresh air and a little exercise at the same time !
7 years
The Green Army
The Green Army has been founded to tackle litter along rural routes around the villages of Harrold, Odell and Carlton in Bedfordshire. Roadside verges leading in and out of these villages will be targeted in a bid to keep our surrounding countryside clean and beautiful, and to provide safe habitats for local wildlife. Any public footpaths or bridleways will also be freed of litter as the need arises. If you are a local resident interested in joining this group please get in touch!
3 years
Palmers Green Action Team
We are a group of local residents who are keen to make Palmers Green a beautiful and thriving place to be. We have ad hoc litter picks which we organise through our volunteer WhatsApp group. We also have an annual spring clean event in the high street. If you would like to join please send us an email!
2 years
Windmill Hill Green Party
After conducting a survey in the area, litter was mentioned as a menace. The Green Party in Windmill Hill would like to organise a litter picking day on Saturday 13th April 2019.
2 years
The Friends of Stokes Bay
To safeguard the environment of Stokes Bay and preserve and protect the flora and fauna within the area as well as providing practical assistance in maintaining a clean and safe environment in the area.
46 years
North West London Clean Up
If you're reading this you're probably already aware that there is a serious litter problem and something must be done! As well as solo daily pickings while walking the dogs, I'm also organising various community clean-ups, mostly a monthly one at the Welsh Harp. I have lots of equipment which I'm very happy to lend out, as well as welcoming suggestions for other areas that need a clean-up. Please contact if you wish to get involved.
6 years
West Haddon Wombles
We are 2 like minded individuals who are looking to clean up our local area of West Haddon and beyond!
1 years

Start a LitterAction group

Here at CleanupUK, we want to help you to take LitterAction! Wherever you live in the UK, forming your own community litter-picking group will help to keep your community safer, more friendly and free of litter. It’s lots of fun too. Why not muck in and join us?

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