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Regular litterpick

Hertford,SG13 8AZ

29 Nov 2020


Litter picking around All Saints Church and Hagsdell Road. Just one bag today!.

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hi lovely day Leaving 34 Queens Road at 2pm for an hour focussing on the London Road green spaces. It would be lovely to see you.


A wander around Hertford including Hartham Common including the river edges and along the canal. Most interesting item a shopping trolley so faded that it is impossible to be sure to which supermarket...

Pick and walk

Leaving Queens Road at 2pm covering areas up to the Mercedes Garage roundabout. For more details please email. All welcome. Amanda

Pick and walk

Leaving 34, Queens Road at 2pm to litter pick along the A414 green areas Call 07979 692817 for more details All welcome. Three bags collected green areas beginning to look a little clearer.More to d...


Ventured out along the London Road today to start to tackle the green edges and central reservations. Plenty of scope. One bag nothing particularly interesting today but surprising how many full unope...

Solo Pick

Walk around Hertford 1 bag and a bicycle wheel!


Just spent an hour or so around the A414/Balls Park/Simon Balle School areas. No interesting litter but a disappointing number of discarded masks. 1 bag today.

Pick and walk

Leaving 34 Queens Road at 2pm for an hour working on the grass areas along the London Road. All very welcome. Call on 07979 692817 for more details. hi usual haul of cans, bottles etc but interesti...

Pick and walk

Hi three bags picked along the London Road,around the cricket club,All Saints. There is still work to do along the road side and an overflowing bin which does not help. I will report the bin as needin...


Leaving 34 Queens Road Hertford at 2pm for an hour’s walk and litter pick. All welcome. Call on 07979 692817 for more details.


Leaving 34 Queens road for an hour's litter pick at 2pm focussing on the A414 edges from the Gascoyne Way roundabout towards Hertingfordbury. All welcome call 07979 692817 for more details. Two good...


Leaving 34 Queens Road at 2pm for an hour's local picking alongside Abel Smith School and Greencoates. All very welcome. Call 07979 692817 for more details. Enjoyed clearing the banks of the the smal...

Walk and litter pick

Leaving 34 Queens Road at 2 pm for an hour and focusing on the A414 edges. Please call 07979 692817 for more details. All very welcome. Two bags collected from area around the Gascoyne Way Roundabout...

Litter pick walk

Call 07979 692817 for details

Discussion with local councillor

I have a telephone meeting with one of our EHDC councillors tomorrow to discuss how we can better manage litter in and around Hertford.I will report back on developments.


We are leaving 34 Queens Road Hertford at 2pm on Friday for an hours litterpicking. All welcome. A couple of bags in a hour or so around County Hall and Pegs Lane.

Regular litterpick

Litterpick on the A414 from the Bluecoats roundabout to the Mercedes roundabout in Hertford. The quiet traffic gives the opportunity to get safely onto the central reservation. I have litter picked he...

Daily litterpick

Hi another lovely day. My plan is to use my daily walk to litter pick in the woods at the top of Queens Road near the Richard Hale sports field. A happy hunting ground for litter unfortunately my long...

Family litter picking

Path from Queens Road to Mangrove Road Litter picking with my son on the path from Queens Road to Mangrove Road. Collected on full bag.

Autumn clean up weekend

Meet at 10am at Hertford Castle Hall Theatre for two hours of litterpicking around the town and environs on Saturday morning. On Sunday afternoon we will meet at 2pm for two hours litter picking. F...

Spring in Hertford

Hi what a beautiful day I have just retuurned from a walk along the river to Ware and back collecting a bag of rubbish on the return leg.If anyone would care to join me on other such walks please con...

Nearby Groups

These groups are near to you in case you want to contact them for advice, to offer them support or, for example, to share equipment with them.

Ingleby Barwick Community Litter Project
Ingleby Barwick Community Litter Project (IBCLP) is a volunteer organisation that actively addresses the litter problem in Ingleby Barwick by engaging the local community in fun group activities and working with the schools to promote environmental issues in and around the local area. We meet every Wednesday 12-1 pm and also an additional litter pick on the last Saturday of each month. Search Facebook for Ingleby Barwick Community Litter Project
3 years
Falkland Road Litter Pickers
We are taking litter picking in to our own hands. We are fed up with plastic bags and rubbish littering our streets, blowing in to our gardens and spoiling our pavements. We are proud of where we live and want to encourage others to care for our streets as we do. Our vision is for a clean environment for our families and friends. We are an open group and welcome anyone to join.
4 years
Clean Up Pudsey (CUP)
our initial focus is on clearing urban woodland around Asda and Owlcotes. A shared passion is a good starting point for friendship. If you think you share this passion you are welcome to join in!
7 years
Solo at moment but will try to get local surport. Just returned from asia thought the pictures I saw on internet were made up. Now seen with my own eyes the problem are world is in.
2 years
St Wilfrid's Lidget Green
We're a friendly bunch open to everyone, hoping to get Lidget Green clean and tidy.
1 years
Tidy Tetbury Team
The Tidy Tetbury Team aims to bring together all those who want to see Tetbury kept tidy and looking good and who are happy to help achieve this by coming out to pick up litter. At the moment, we think that the obvious areas that need tidying up from time to time are likely to be The Rec, the area by the old railway shed, Love Lane (between Tesco and The Chipping) and the path behind Hampton Stores that leads to William Romney's School. But we also think that the Tidy Tetbury Team should be there to help and join in with anyone who wants to tackle the litter problem in their part of Tetbury. Our aim is not only to keep Tetbury tidy but to have fun and make new friends as we do so. Please join us by clicking on the "Join this Group" button on the right of this webpage and we will keep you posted on future events.
8 years
Action against Litter
Loftus and surrounding areas
8 months
Chailey Litter Pickers
Chailey Litter PIckers have now been active for over a year, having formed in April 2016. We meet as a group monthly, to pick as wide an area as we can in one go. Group members also pick around their own area between group events. Some equipment is always available for group events and I can help people to purchase their own equipment if they would like to do so - gloves, grabbers, bag hoops. We will happily also travel to pick in other areas to help out on group events or to pick in areas where a particular need has been brought to our attention.
5 years
Thorpe Gate Rivercare
Our objectives are: - Keep our area free from litter, rough sleeping, drugs etc, working closely with the Council and its contractors - Look after our stretch of the river and its habitat - Support other groups to help keep Peterborough free from litter - Help to promote a climate where it is unacceptable to drop litter - Work cooperatively with the council to clean up Peterborough
9 years
Beat the Bottle Throwers
Mum, teenage son & daughter, daughters boyfriend, Grandad and Olive the dog - fed up of running, cycling, walking, fishing and seeing lazy people’s rubbish thrown in the hedges and verges of our lovely countryside - trying to make a difference, teach good standards and promote looking after our world.
3 years

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