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Walk and litter pick

Hertford,SG13 8AZ

04 Jan 2021


Leaving 34 Queens Road at 2 pm for an hour and focusing on the A414 edges. Please call 07979 692817 for more details. All very welcome. Two bags collected from area around the Gascoyne Way Roundabout and on the roundabout itself. Interesting rubbish - one football boot !.

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hi lovely day Leaving 34 Queens Road at 2pm for an hour focussing on the London Road green spaces. It would be lovely to see you.


A wander around Hertford including Hartham Common including the river edges and along the canal. Most interesting item a shopping trolley so faded that it is impossible to be sure to which supermarket...

Pick and walk

Leaving Queens Road at 2pm covering areas up to the Mercedes Garage roundabout. For more details please email. All welcome. Amanda

Pick and walk

Leaving 34, Queens Road at 2pm to litter pick along the A414 green areas Call 07979 692817 for more details All welcome. Three bags collected green areas beginning to look a little clearer.More to d...


Ventured out along the London Road today to start to tackle the green edges and central reservations. Plenty of scope. One bag nothing particularly interesting today but surprising how many full unope...

Solo Pick

Walk around Hertford 1 bag and a bicycle wheel!


Just spent an hour or so around the A414/Balls Park/Simon Balle School areas. No interesting litter but a disappointing number of discarded masks. 1 bag today.

Pick and walk

Leaving 34 Queens Road at 2pm for an hour working on the grass areas along the London Road. All very welcome. Call on 07979 692817 for more details. hi usual haul of cans, bottles etc but interesti...

Pick and walk

Hi three bags picked along the London Road,around the cricket club,All Saints. There is still work to do along the road side and an overflowing bin which does not help. I will report the bin as needin...


Leaving 34 Queens Road Hertford at 2pm for an hour’s walk and litter pick. All welcome. Call on 07979 692817 for more details.


Leaving 34 Queens road for an hour's litter pick at 2pm focussing on the A414 edges from the Gascoyne Way roundabout towards Hertingfordbury. All welcome call 07979 692817 for more details. Two good...


Leaving 34 Queens Road at 2pm for an hour's local picking alongside Abel Smith School and Greencoates. All very welcome. Call 07979 692817 for more details. Enjoyed clearing the banks of the the smal...

Litter pick walk

Call 07979 692817 for details

Discussion with local councillor

I have a telephone meeting with one of our EHDC councillors tomorrow to discuss how we can better manage litter in and around Hertford.I will report back on developments.


We are leaving 34 Queens Road Hertford at 2pm on Friday for an hours litterpicking. All welcome. A couple of bags in a hour or so around County Hall and Pegs Lane.

Regular litterpick

Litter picking around All Saints Church and Hagsdell Road. Just one bag today!

Regular litterpick

Litterpick on the A414 from the Bluecoats roundabout to the Mercedes roundabout in Hertford. The quiet traffic gives the opportunity to get safely onto the central reservation. I have litter picked he...

Daily litterpick

Hi another lovely day. My plan is to use my daily walk to litter pick in the woods at the top of Queens Road near the Richard Hale sports field. A happy hunting ground for litter unfortunately my long...

Family litter picking

Path from Queens Road to Mangrove Road Litter picking with my son on the path from Queens Road to Mangrove Road. Collected on full bag.

Autumn clean up weekend

Meet at 10am at Hertford Castle Hall Theatre for two hours of litterpicking around the town and environs on Saturday morning. On Sunday afternoon we will meet at 2pm for two hours litter picking. F...

Spring in Hertford

Hi what a beautiful day I have just retuurned from a walk along the river to Ware and back collecting a bag of rubbish on the return leg.If anyone would care to join me on other such walks please con...

Nearby Groups

These groups are near to you in case you want to contact them for advice, to offer them support or, for example, to share equipment with them.

Newlands Grange
The aim of this group is to keep our estate and its adjoining green spaces clear of litter. I collect on a regular basis and would love to be supported by other like minded people.
2 years
Harrow Litterbusters
This is a new group that I am setting up. I have in the past 15 years picked up over 5,000 bags of litter in North Harrow and surrounding area. There's more that can be done and I need your help and also help you in your area. Come and join us the Harrow Litterbusters!
9 years
Hunslet Carr Wombles
This is a rolling monthly litter picks of different Hunslet Carr neighbourhoods. The Leeds City Council Litter Picking Kit will be supplied, so all you need to do is bring yourself.
8 months
Coventry Canal
I am an individual who walks part of the Coventry canal to and from work everyday. I have only been walking along the canal since October 2017 despite being a Coventrian my entire life! It is the city's best kept secret and so peaceful and calm away from crowds and cars. But it makes me angry and sad to see such a beautiful habitat ruined with litter so I started picking litter! I usually pick on my way to/from work in the week but I plan to do more at the weekends and travel further to notoriously messy parts of the canal. If anyone would care to join me to make a difference and tidy up for the animals and all of us to enjoy, please get in touch :) Thank you, Jennysha P.S. There is now a new Canal & River Trust Towpath Taskforce which runs on Thursday mornings - please see CRT website for more info. Give as much or as little time as you can :) Please report any flytipping via: 1) website: 2) email:
3 years
South London Litter Action
South London Litter Action SOLLA is a fast-growing volunteer-led group which brings together people south of the river who want to see our neighbourhoods a bit (much) less littered. This is a group where community activities are organised, stories are shared, and ideas flow - all in the name of less litter. On joining, you will be given a free litter picking kit, to keep you safe and sound and happy in your brilliant service to the community. WE HOST GROUP LITTER PICKS EVERY SINGLE SATURDAY - GET IN TOUCH TO FIND OUT MORE
8 months
Clean Seas Please
Clean Seas Please is based in East Sussex and it's main focus is to bring the quality of the bathing water in the area to good or excellent against the EU regulations. This is done by talking to residents and visitors, beach cleans, events and working with local schools or community groups.
8 years
Tonbridge Litter Pickers
Recently I have been on a mission to clean up the litter in my local area and I need help from local people. The aim of the group is to tackle litter blackspots in Tonbridge and the surrounding area, especially around local woods, paths, parks and local playgrounds. Litter can be harmful to wildlife, and its not nice to see when walking in the local park with my son. I want to organise local litter picking/clean up days to improve the local environment for everyone. In times when the local councils are cutting funds for street cleaners the litter problem will be sure to get worse, we all have a responsibility to improve our local environment. If we all protected the environment from littering it would improve the area for everyone. If you have any questions please email me. Thanks. Sara
6 years
Widemouth Task Force (WTF)
My name is Ado Shorland, i`m a surfer from north Cornwall and i organise Beach cleans via my facebook group 2-3 times a month on 5 different beaches, last year we cleared over 5 tons of netting and plastic from just 5 beaches, if you would like to join our group type in Widemouthtaskforce into your facebook searchbar and apply on the main page..
10 years
Mossley Hill
Having written to the council and asked them what they're doing about the litter in the area I thought this looked interesting. Not sure if there are any other people around Mossley Hill who aren't keen on the litter, particularly around Rose Lane but I wondered there might be enough people to do a group litter collection sometime. It's so nice to go out and find the street clean and tidy, it would be great if it happened more often.
13 years
Otterford Parish Litter Pick
Otterford Parish Litter Pick aims to remove as much litter (and fly-tipped items) as possible from the roads and lanes in the parish - which is located in the beautiful Blackdown Hills AONB on the Somerset/Devon border. We now hold three Litter Picks annually - in March, July and November. After sorting,as much litter as possible is recycled: to date we have recycled 7,446 drinks cans, 6,041 plastic bottles, 1,216 glass bottles/jars, and lots of miscellaneous metal. Since our 17th Pick in March 2020 we have also been recycling plastic food containers and lids, paper and cardboard, and aluminium foil. We are grateful to Whitbread Plc (from when they owned Costa Coffee) and Litteraction for donating equipment and clothing: to Somerset West & Taunton District Council (and their contractor idVerde) for providing litter sacks for each Pick and now collecting the rubbish afterwards; and to Somerset Waste Partnership for donating vests, gloves and sacks.
7 years

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