Important:   Litter can be contaminated, so we have put together some information to help you handle it safely. Please click on this link to have a read through our Health and Safety Guidance before you go out litter-picking.



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Nearby Groups

These groups are near to you in case you want to contact them for advice, to offer them support or, for example, to share equipment with them.

South Woodford Society
As a resident's group we are keen to maintain and protect our environment
4 years
Dorset Devils are a group of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole and beyond residents who volunteer their free time to clear litter from where they live as well as nearby parks and our beautiful beaches. We each look after our own patch and hope to encourage others to manage their own litter. Our voluntary group started in 2013 and we now have 836 + like minded residents onboard and still growing. We want Dorset to be as litter free as possible but that means everyone needs to play their part for this to happen. Fresh air, gentle exercise guaranteed and some equipment available. Do as much or as little picking as you like and choose the time and place suitable for you, eIther on your own, with someone else or with Dorset Devils living nearby. Our USP is solo or family/friends litter picking rather than group organised events or with the public. You are welcome to join us and then you can look after your own patch, wherever and whenever it suits you. Always your choice how long you ‘devil’ around. Help make a difference where you live, play and relax. Bournemouth Borough Council and Bournemouth University fully support us with equipment and encouragement. We link up with local environmental organisations including Wimborne War on Waste, Southbourne Waste Busters and we are part of Litter Free Dorset- land, coast & sea. We are active within the community and get involved in a variety of community initiatives including activities with primary school children and scout packs. We are more than just litter pickers as we hope to raise awareness and engage, wherever possible. Follow us on DD Facebook, Twitter and interact through our brand new website. N.B. Past DD events:- View photos via the group photo album
8 years
Fishponds Clean Streets
Fishponds Clean Streets was established in 2016 and is run by a few volunteers with the aim of helping keep the streets cleaner of litter. There was an extended period owing to COVID restrictions when we were not able to operate, however we are back up and running again now. We usually meet for an hour and a half on a Saturday morning once a month and always publicise our litter picks here on this page, where we also report on our activity after each litter pick. Meeting at the Fish on its Nose Sculpture on the cycle track on Saturday 2nd April we had a lovely sunny day for our litter pick. We had a fantastic turn-out of 12 adults and three children so we were able to cover a much bigger area than usual, reaching from Guinea Lane to Stanbury Avenue. In between we covered Albert Terrace, Lower Station Road, Filwood Road, New Station Road, parts of Brook Road and of New Station Way. We remain grateful to Bristol Waste for providing the loan of equipment without which the litter picks wouldn\'t happen! We are aware that the shrubby area between New Station Way and the cycle track is thick with litter and in some parts drug waste, so a request is being made to Bristol City Council to arrange for this area to be cleared. We hope to organise another litter pick next month and as ever will email details near the time, as well as posting HERE on this page. In the meantime, if you are new to litter picking in Fishponds and interested in getting involved, please contact us at: for more information. Louise, Pete, Carol & Stuart
6 years
North West London Clean Up
If you're reading this you're probably already aware that there is a serious litter problem and something must be done! As well as solo daily pickings while walking the dogs, I'm also organising various community clean-ups, mostly a monthly one at the Welsh Harp. I have lots of equipment which I'm very happy to lend out, as well as welcoming suggestions for other areas that need a clean-up. Please contact if you wish to get involved.
7 years
Collie Collections
Currently most of the work is done by my Border Collie who collects crisp and other wrappers and plastic bottles. She then finds the nearest waste bin and puts the litter in it. She has been doing this for the past 5 years.
11 years
Havant Community Litter Pickers
Litter picking group in West Leigh. Leigh Park, and Havant
5 months
Coln Valley Litter Group
Our aim is to keep the roadsides free of litter so everyone can enjoy the Coln Valley.
7 years
Quickfire Litter Legends
Dedicated to cleaning up the environment (we also make websites) -
52 years
Beach Clean Up
Beach Clean Up Help keep Red Car Beach Clean
17 months
The Nantwich Pickers
Our aim is to ensure that Arnold Street and the surrounding area is as litter free as possible. Me and my two sons (4 and 6 years old) feel very passionately about protecting the environment and will do our bit!
2 years

Start a LitterAction group

Here at CleanupUK, we want to help you to take LitterAction! Wherever you live in the UK, forming your own community litter-picking group will help to keep your community safer, more friendly and free of litter. It’s lots of fun too. Why not muck in and join us?

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