Important:   Litter can be contaminated, so we have put together some information to help you handle it safely. Please click on this link to have a read through our Health and Safety Guidance before you go out litter-picking.


Litter Picking Equipment

Whether litter-picking alone or in a group you’ll need the right equipment to carry out a safe and enjoyable clean-up.

What Equipment Do You Need?

The basics we recommend are:

  • Hand held litter-picker
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Refuse sacks
  • Gloves
  • High visibility vest
  • Optional: hoop to hold open your refuse sack


If you’re an event organiser you might also include:

  • Bags for recyclables (depending on what your council recycles)
  • Mobile phone for emergencies
  • First aid kit
  • Cart to carry equipment
  • Long-handled litter-picker
  • Camera to record your event
  • Refreshments


Obtaining your Equipment

You’ll probably find your council supports volunteer litter-pickers and might lend or provide equipment – a good place to start if you’re new to litter-picking.  But if you litter pick regularly you may want to buy your own especially if you prefer a particular type of litter-picker.

Ask your council if they supply special refuse sacks for volunteer litter collections; these may be badged for collection by the street cleansing service.

Litter-pickers are widely available to buy from retailers such as Wilko, Screwfix, B&Q or online stores like Argos, Amazon, eBay.

We will be listing products here that we think will be of help to you. 

Products from The Helping Hand Company are popular with many of our litter-pickers and we are happy to recommend them for quality and service. 

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