This is the story of how one man’s efforts, inspired a community in Birmingham to come together and make things better… 

Anwar is the dedicated leader of the Ackers Community Cleanup Hub, he is also a committed community litter picker.  Anwar came across an abandoned field in his local neighbourhood and took on the challenge of spending  3 – 4 hours every other day picking up the debris dropped by others.  This regular litter picking activity, not only provided Anwar with many hours of exercise in the great outdoors, but it also totally revitalised this abandoned field for the local community to enjoy. 
What started as a solo mission then evolved over time. As the positive impact of one man’s actions became apparent, more and more people stepped up to get involved. Locals of all ages, backgrounds, and interests joined Anwar in his cleanup operation and have now helped bring about a wonderful transformation! 
Thanks to the continued efforts of Anwar and friends, not only has the abandoned field undergone a remarkable transformation from a disused and neglected space into a thriving recreational community park, but the space now feels safer, community connections have been created, and a feeling of local pride has grown.  
The Ackers Community Cleanup Hub has since added essential amenities to the park, including goalposts and picnic benches, enhancing its appeal for everyone in the neighbourhood. 

This simple story, is a wonderful example of how one individual's dedication can inspire an entire community to come together and transform neglected spaces into vibrant, thriving well used areas. This hub has, not only enhanced their shared environment, but they have also increased levels of community wellbeing, setting a positive precedent for future community-driven projects.  
Here at CleanupUK we support a national network of Community Cleanup Hubs just like The Ackers Community Club by providing essential litter picking equipment and support to facilitate engage local people.  We look forward to witnessing their continued success and the positive impact they will undoubtedly have on the environment and the lives of local people.