El, who later discovered that she had ADHD, Autism and Fibromyalgia, realised the positive impact that litter picking had on her mental health and decided to share this experience with her community.  Founded in March 2018, Clean Our Patch has grown to become a leading force in empowering communities through litter picking. They have developed 40 litter picking groups across the city, and work with 45 schools.

The organisation provides all the necessary equipment and runs educational workshops to inspire the next generation. Clean Our Patch has also set up an Ambassador Programme, where individuals sign up to become team leaders, committing to doing at least one litter pick a month in their neighbourhoods.

Creating a Sense of Belonging and Purpose in Communities.

El's personal experience has been instrumental in the creation of Clean Our Patch's philosophy, which is centred around the belief that litter picking is not just about cleaning up the environment but also about creating a sense of community and empowerment.

El says, "Clean Our Patch is not just about litter picking, it's about creating a tribe where every person can feel they belong." The organisation aims to provide a platform for individuals who feel isolated, depressed and powerless to find a sense of purpose and value in their communities.

Clean Our Patch has been successful in building a network of like-minded individuals who are committed to creating a litter-free environment and a sense of community. The organisation has played a vital role in the promotion of mental health and well-being through community engagement. Clean Our Patch's philosophy has inspired individuals to become more involved in their communities, leading to a reduction in isolation and an increase in social cohesion.

Clean Our Patch Plymouth is a testament to the positive impact that individuals can have on their communities when they come together with a shared purpose. El's personal experience of finding solace in litter picking has not only transformed her life but has also empowered individuals across Plymouth to take charge of their communities and create a better future for themselves and future generations.

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Find out more about Clean Our Patch on their Facebook page or find a litter-picking group near you.