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Great British Spring Clean – Update

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Firstly, we wanted to say a huge thank you for your understanding and patience when we took the decision to postpone the Great British Spring Clean. We know our partners are always poised to tackle litter and now, we are pleased to say, our moment to shine is finally here.

The Great British September Clean will take place 11 – 27 September 2020. Tackling litter is an absolute priority, and never before has it been so important for our community to come together to take part in this amazing campaign. We know that taking part in community action has positive effects on our mental health and, right now, anything we can do to unite British citizens and empower communities to make a difference during these uncertain times is so important.

To keep us all as safe as possible during the Covid-19 restrictions, we have made some changes to the campaign. These include:

- Clean-ups can only be listed as closed/private events, with a maximum of six attendees (a host and five guests)

- No public/open clean-ups can be listed

- A revised ‘how to’ guide that details how to carry out a safe, socially distanced clean-up with extra advice around Covid-19.

This year, you can support the Great British September Clean by:

1. Encouraging your communities to take part. To capture participation, you can either:

a. Drive your members/ communities to our website to Organise a private group clean-up with up to five family and friends or pledge to do their own individual litter-pick

b. Or manually send us back the numbers, location and date of any cleanups held within your network via our participation excel sheet, as per last year. A call-out for numbers will be sent directly to you each week until the end of the campaign

2. Make some noise about the campaign using your public facing channels, and encourage your communities to do the same.

We have also developed a pack to help you plan your activity and make some noise about the campaign on your own channels. It can be found here and contains:

- A one-page overview of the campaign

- Template communications to your community for your website/ emails

- A key messages and sample social media posts document

- Artwork for your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts

- A template press release to celebrate our partnership and announce your participation in the Great British September Clean

- A participation data excel sheet, to return to us.

Right now, a lot of things are uncertain, but our passion for tackling litter and our love for the environment will not falter. Thank you for your help unite to communities and ignite passion in others for protecting the beautiful environment we share.

Kind regards,

Richard McIlwain 

Deputy Chief Executive 

Keep Britain Tidy August 2020

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