Artemis Fund Managers are long-time supporters of CleanupUK and joined us for one of our cleanups in London. Read more about what the team took away from our corporate volunteering session. 

Can you describe the session in your own words?

Fun, and so much more! As a corporate organisation, supporting charities is especially important to us. The hands-on experience was fantastic and gave us the opportunity to see the charity’s work first-hand. The pandemic has made us even more aware of the importance of our local communities and how even the smallest actions can have a substantial impact. Our volunteering session with Sarah, George, and the team was really enjoyable, and the impact of our actions on our local neighbourhood was clear.    

“It is a couple of hours, fun, easily accessible – and highlights the difference simple actions can make on your community.” 

What did your team get from the session?

Volunteering as a team helped us bond through friendly competition as we were split into two teams. It allowed us to come together in a way that we wouldn’t have done if it were not for the activity – we are a close team, but it still helped us break down silos and have different conversations with one another. It is great to have a change of scenery from our desks and to do something practical with immediate results. Volunteering together was a terrific way for us to get together and interact with people from different areas of the company. We also really enjoyed being outdoors for a change and participating in an activity that was helpful to others.   

How does employee volunteering make you feel?

Useful. Knowing there is something that you can do to contribute to your community was eye-opening. It makes you aware of the small things that you can do in your neighbourhood, and how they can affect the bigger things that help shape the area in which you live. Local councils have struggled with resources in the last few years, but charities like CleanupUK are bridging that gap by helping people shape the local communities in which they live – which is fantastic!    

The hands-on experience also helped us learn more about the impact of CleanupUK’s work, and how the charity is empowering communities to help themselves. The area we cleaned up was frequented by drug gangs, so having the area free of needles allowed families and the community to use a clean and safe space.  

Any final thoughts? 

We had so much fun, and it is always nice to do something enjoyable and different with your colleagues. The instant gratification of actions like litter picking and picking up leaves was so satisfying, and you can immediately see the contribution that you have made to something.   

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