A Change.org petition set up by James Youel, and widely supported by litter pickers across the UK and organisations including Clean Planet Today, is asking for fast food outlets to print vehicle registrations on take away packaging.  This, the petition says, will discourage littering and hold people responsible for their rubbish.

The petition is aimed at four named fast food outlets (McDonalds, KFC, Burger King and Taco Bell) and the responsible government minister (George Eustice MP). It reads:

'The recent break in food companies’ business has given us time to be able to start to clean up the streets once littered with empty McDonalds bags, KFC boxes and other takeaway restaurant packaging.'

KFC has been back open merely a couple of days and already pictures of carelessly discarded boxes are circulating on the internet. Let’s not slip back to where we were in terms of litter before the Covid lockdown. Let’s make compulsory that all drive through restaurants, who sell takeaway food, have to print the purchaser’s vehicle registration onto their bags or boxes. This will make it much easier to trace the litter back to the purchaser and hopefully result in a fine. This could be up to the restaurant how they register it via printing on the bags, registering a barcode to the vehicle number plate etc.  

If enough signatures are given we can go straight to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and ask for change. As this could result in a fine for the offenders this will make it much more appealing to the government to pass and thus resulting in a cleaner environment for everyone to enjoy.  

Please help your local and national environment by signing this petition and sharing on social media platforms, making a small but very needed step in the right direction.