In celebration of the invaluable contribution of Trustees to charities across the nation for #TrusteesWeek. CleanupUK is proud to highlight the remarkable work of Georgina Fletcher, our incoming Chair of Trustees.  

Georgina's journey into the world of litter picking began with a deep love for her local park. In 2016, Georgina helped to set up The Friends of Bruce Castle Park in Tottenham, North London, to foster connections between the community, and to help make the park cleaner. Since its inception, the group have done monthly litter picks and Georgina passionately believes that the natural environment has a major influence on mental well-being and behaviour. 

I find being surrounded by nature very restorative and prefer to see it without any litter, so our Friends of the Park group started doing monthly litter picks

CleanupUK played a pivotal role in supporting this initiative, providing equipment and offering valuable tips to kickstart their efforts. Seven years and 70 litter picks later, the impact is tangible, with the community regularly coming together for these sessions.  Georgina emphasizes the positive outcomes, stating

I can highly recommend giving it a try; you never know, you may get addicted to it too! The cake and tea social afterwards, is a great opportunity to connect with our neighbours

As she takes on the role of Chair of Trustees at CleanupUK, Georgina sees this as a way to give back and encourages others to join the cause, fostering more litter-picking groups and ensuring everyone can enjoy litter free walks in nature.