EY teamed up with CleanupUK in September for a litter-pick in London's Southwark Park. The event saw an impressive turnout of 81 volunteers from EY's London offices. Together, they collected 50 bags of litter from across the park's 63 acres.

Park Manager Paul said litter-picks on the site have made a big impact, cleaning up the park and enabling the gardeners to focus on their primary responsibilities. Teamwork to tackle litter and make ripples: The EY volunteers split off into pairs and tackled different areas of the park and surrounding streets. Several members of the local community also interacted with the team to say thank you for their efforts and let them know the difference they were making. 

The litter-picking session was also a great way for EY people to work together as a team for a shared, social goal. Team member Lesley remarked that she felt a “better team connection and a feeling that I have done something good for the community”. Some of the participants said they are now more conscious of the environmental and community impact of litter, with one of the EY volunteers remarking that they now “pick up litter when I see it in passing”. 

A Brighter Future

EY's litter-pick in Southwark Park is a testament to the power of corporate social responsibility. Beyond a cleaner park, the event strengthened team relationships and instilled a sense of achievement by making a positive impact in their local community. 

Reflecting on the event, Will Earthy, Senior, from EY said: “Accelerating environmental sustainability is one of the key focus areas for EY Ripples, our global Corporate Responsibilityprogramme. It’s great to see so many of our people making such a positive impact on the community.”