We have been building relationships with organisations aligned to our own. One of these companies has been Earth Animal – founded in the 1970s the company creates healthy products for pets whilst considering the environmental impact of their products. The collaboration was a natural fit as both organisations share a common mission and vision of supporting people, the planet and animals.  

At CleanupUK, we work tirelessly to litter-pick to improve communities and to clear local communities of litter, which also prevents things like plastic going into our rivers, seas, and ocean life. By teaming up with Earth Animal, a company founded by a veterinarian, we were able to make our impact global. 

Every day is Earth Day 

On Earth Day, CleanupUK and Earth Animal engaged in a joint community litter-pick in Clapham Common, London. The event was part of our corporate litter-picking events, which saw us provide equipment, risk assessments, location advice, planning, a safety briefing and support on the day, for the Earth Animal team and their local partner, Pet Pavillion. The team consisted of 12 people who worked together to collect litter and improve the local community. 

The corporate litter-picking session with CleanupUK not only improves our communities and prevents harm to the environment, but it also gave us a valuable opportunity to build relationships with key retailers and build on our shared values of supporting people, the planet, and animals. Will Baggaley – International Sale & Marketing Director – Earth Animal. 

Overall, the day was a success and a great opportunity for CleanupUK and Earth Animal to make a real impact on Earth Day. The team felt positive about the event and would recommend litter-picking to others. The event was also a great opportunity to build a relationship with a key retailer and promote their shared values.