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Wherever you happen to live in the UK, LitterAction is able to help you get outside to make a positive difference to your locality. LitterAction provides all the information, guidelines and safety advice needed to help you start a new litter-picking group or to run or join a group near you. Through LitterAction, you’re invited to set up a free online page for your group, detailing dates of cleanups, attracting new group members and sharing photos of all the fun you’ve had. LitterAction keeps an ongoing tally of all the bags collected across the country and even gives you the opportunity to list some of the more unusual rubbish finds that you make.
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Litter-picking equipment
Your local council can often supply you with equipment but if you litter-pick regularly you may want to consider buying your own, especially if there are other groups that operate in your area that rely on borrowed equipment. Ask the contact at your local council where they buy their equipment – they might be able to get you good rates. Click through for a selection of suppliers who sell via the internet. Please let us know of any others you have used and we will add them to the list.
Knowledge Guides
The Knowledge Guides contain all of the information you will need to organise your own litter-pick and shows tips on how to fund your group and on where to purchase equipment. Also you can read up on some of the laws on litter and fly-tipping.
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At the bottom of the page you will find links to our social media. Please follow us and share posts with us - the more of a buzz we can generate together, the cleaner our communities will become !
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